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 LCS Lean awareness level 1A

Introduction to lean and

its 5 principles

Introduction to waste removal with

Tim Woods

Introduction to 5S

Interview Technique Training

Introduction to OEE

CV Writing and Creation

Introduction to value

stream mapping

Introduction to the Management

of a Lean Transformation

  • Overall, the training made me more prepared, more comfortable, and relaxed about the entire interviewing process. They also taught me some new techniques that interviewers look for to make their employment decision. I don't think I could have got my new job without their help!

    - Linda from Sheffield

  • Desperate to find employment, I signed up for their CV writing courses. The course and support were absolutely amazing! When the course was over, I was able to transform my CV and target it for that specific job. I couldn't be happier!

    - Joe from Bristol

  • ...The training showed us how to master the different processes that go on at the company, which eliminated a lot of wasted time, increased our productivity, and cut our costs drastically. I would definitely recommend their lean training to any entrepreneur that wants to make their business more efficient and more cost effective. This is one of the best investments I've made in my company this year!

    - Darren from Essex

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