About It's a Jungle

Its a Jungle is a Change focused development company, we are experts in creating sustainable change within organisations. We have vast experiance within the Social Housing Sector, Compliance, FMCG sector and Facilities management. We know how to Change the culture of an Organisation to succeed. We want to make the change experiance different from online courses to working within your orgainisations helping you deliver change your way.

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The face behind the JUNGLE…

Starting my career as an apprentice electrician with many twists and turns over a 25 year period I worked my way to Production manager for a large blue-chip FMCG company. Over this time I found the passion for Training, coaching and guiding people, there success made me want more. Around 15 years ago I was introduced to a new concept called lean, this took a while to sink in but eventually I had a light bulb moment and got it and achieved great success.

I finally left work in 2012 to open my first company whilst using a lean methodology to set the structure of the company. I used this work as my final project to become a Qualified Lean practitioner, to my surprise I also won the prestigious Tim Baily award for lean excellence for this project.

I have found myself focused on the Housing Sector and have worked with many Social Housing Providers on projects from Voids to Compliance and Universal credit to Sales and Marketing. These range from members of the G15 50,000 homes+ to smaller HAs around 4000 homes including ALMOs

My goal is to create sustainable culture change my customers can grow with after I have gone, not to walk away leaving them with no idea how to continue.

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