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lean-seminarsWe hold regular seminars across the South of the UK; each event is limited to around 15 places and in most cases free to attend. These events are created to bring small business owners, managers, leaders or employees from the area together all to gain a better understanding of the lean concept and how it can improve your operation.

It is not a training course, but we will carry out an exercise which should show a saving in your company.


Lean is a massive influence in the large business sector. This becomes evident when you witness price wars between large supermarkets, manufacturing companies and office-based industry.

I am one of the first companies to offer an insight into the use of Lean to small business in this way. This knowledge is not just studied but developed through years of experience in this industry.

Come and join us on the next seminar in your area or workshop; dates are always being added.

Be smart and improve your profit potential before your competitor.

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