Interview Technique Training

Interview Technique Training
£ 24.00 to enroll

The course is designed for people, who are looking for employment at all levels. We take a look at the interview process from beginning to end. 

We will look at:

•How to research

•Email and social media impacts

•What is an interview?

•Preparation for the interview

•Dress code and Appearance

•Interview techniques

•Tips to answering the questions

•Introduction to other possible tests


This course has a depth of information and will give you an insight into how to approach an interview, there is a main difference with our course. This has been developed by an experienced interviewer with in excess of 200 interviews within a large blue chip company. With these tips you will be prepared for anything…


At the end of this training you should have a basic knowledge of leading a transformation and be able to:

•Be prepared for the interview

•Confidently answer questions in full, scoring top marks

•Ensure your appearance and dress code fits with expectations

•Be a step ahead of the other candidates

•Feel you have enhanced your personal development tool box


Duration 20 to 25 minutes (Not an accredited course) includes a certificate


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